Berart had its origins in 1965 when our founder, Tom Wiid and his partner at the time Tony Duff, started importing Nylon Monofilament Fishing line from Du Pont in the USA.

In 1972 we started investing in German nylon monofilament extrusion technology which set the business firmly on a path of continuous growth and development.

The range of products expanded from just fishing line to also include monofilaments for the gardening and building industries – all manufactured locally.

Around the same time, Tom Wiid devised an innovative way to manufacture Builders Line.


Prior to the early 1970’s the worldwide trend was to use Dacron’s braided line as a levelling tool for building applications.

Builders line as we know it today, was born.

In 1976 Berart did it again.  Another world first when we decided to dye our Builders Line a bright yellow hue.

The bright colour makes the line more visible which not only helps builders increase their productivity, but also helps with safety through visibility.

Our Nustep™ Builders line has been a huge success ever since.

During the 1980’s we continued to improve this range.

Extensive testing and lots of research proved that a fishing line formulation was not the best solution for Builders Line.

We developed a unique formulation that has made our NuStep™ Builders Line the quality product that builders still trust today.


We often see the performance of Builders Line compared to other monofilaments by inexperienced users, retailers and even other manufacturers.  This is wrong and we should know!

Berart not only invented Builders Line, but have been incrementally improving the product.

Our unique formulation is the result of extensive end user testing which ensures that our Builders Line performs to the required standards, even in extreme conditions and regardless of the end user’s skill.

“Use Builders Line for building and fishing line for fishing!”

The Berart Team

Berart Services (Pty) Ltd was conceived in 1987 and in 1989 Berart became an entirely family owned business focussed on the art of monofilament extrusion.

We now have more than 45 years of experience in the creation of quality monofilament products and a reputation for delivering products of superior quality.